Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) denotes a student’s successful completion of coursework toward their ϲʲͼ degree. Federal regulations require the ϲʲͼ Financial Aid Office to monitor the student’s progress toward their degree completion at ϲʲͼ. Students who fall behind in their coursework, fail to take classes in their designated program at ϲʲͼ, fail to achieve minimum standards for grade point average, or fail to complete classes in a maximum timeframe may lose their eligibility for all types of federal and state aid at ϲʲͼ. 

SAP Requirements 

Frequent Student Situations 

Notification of Students Not Meeting SAP 

The CGPA, Completion Ratio, and the time-frame percentage (150%) for SAP are evaluated at the end of each term (fall, spring, summer). Students not meeting SAP requirements will fall into two categories.