A High-Quality Education

Affordable costs, quality education, and convenience: These are three things that you can expect from your time at ϲʲͼ. That’s because we believe in providing you with the best education possible at the most affordable option possible on a schedule that works with the one you already have.

We understand that cost is an important factor in your decision on where to pursue your higher education. At ϲʲͼ, credit hours cost half of what they are at a four-year university. Our Foundation also offers numerous scholarships throughout the year to help you cover additional expenses.

DirectConnect to UCFTM

If you are pursuing your bachelor’s degree, the DirectConnect to UCFTM program allows you to take your first two years at ϲʲͼ and then finish your bachelor’s degree at UCF. This is a cost savings of nearly 50 percent for taking the first two years of classes here instead of at UCF.

Plus, UCF’s own data shows that students who transfer through
DirectConnect to UCFTM finish faster and with a higher GPA than students who completed all four years at UCF. That’s proof of the quality education you will receive here.

Practical Experience

Our professors have the practical experience in the subjects that they teach, ensuring that the teaching that you will actually help you in your future career goals. That’s the quality that ϲʲͼ strives to deliver, which is why many of our professors come from the professional world in Florida.

We have real, hands-on experience in the classroom, so it’s not all about book learning. You can expect to find yourself working with others outside the classroom in activities aimed at providing you with an immersive and interactive learning environment.