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The ┴¨║¤▓╩▓╩═╝ Sumter Center, located in Sumterville, opened its doors in the summer of 1995. The forty-acre campus includes nine classrooms, a library and administrative offices. The new Clark Maxwell, Jr., Library and Student Services Center was opened and dedicated in January 2000. The new sumter
building doubles the facilities available on the campus. The Sumter Center, a joint-use facility, shares space with the Sumter County School District Adult and Community Education program. In partnership with the Sumter County School District and the University of Central Florida, a training facility for teachers opened in 1999 and is operated by the Sumter District School Board. ┴¨║¤▓╩▓╩═╝ uses the facility as part of the collaboration between the school board and the college.

Programs offered at the Sumter Center include the Associate in Arts (AA) degree and the Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees in business administration and computer science. Non-credit courses are offered to meet the needs of the community. Many student services are provided in Sumterville, including admissions, registration, academic advising, testing, financial aid, fee payment, and library services, as well as a bookstore and student activities.